Estate Solutions

Estate Solutions

Estate Solutions

Our Safe Estate Solution provides sound, stable, and reliable estate security. It features a series of advanced technologies to safeguard residents, centralise operations, and integrate security platforms. These integrated technologies enable rapid and effective responses to security needs and events.

Data collection with front-end processing done through:

A well-crafted estate surveillance system will deter vandals and prevent security threats, and the best installations go unnoticed by the community at large. When events do occur, the surveillance system significantly improves efficiency for post-event investigation. If an incident were to occur, the surveillance system helps to aid in any investigation


One of the key features of our Estate Solution is its ability to help security manage traffic and monitor vehicles.


Ensuring road safety in the estate, the system can detect breaches for further analysis. The system can help with:

Combining ANPR cameras with back-end analysis servers (databases of stolen cars) allows the system to recognize vehicles that are on a national database that is updated constantly. This helps security to identify a vehicle involved in criminal activities before it would enter the estate.



Facial recognition algorithms on both face capture cameras and powerful servers. Enable security to search for individuals with facial images. This can also be used to block access automatically as the camera would actively scan the faces on its database.


Video analysis algorithms can detect intrusions happening in real time.

Thermal Cameras

Installing thermal imaging cameras on your property can provide a highly effective tool for advanced detection in spotting intruders in adverse weather conditions such as fog, smog, rain and snow, and long after daylight has passed.

The thermal cameras features:

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Perimeter Intrution Detection Systems

Security and Loss Prevention Made Easy, Reliable and Affordable.


Access Control has come a long way from using keys, pin codes, cards, and fingerprints

Surveillance Cameras

IP camera’s are the evolution from analogue signal to a digital computer networked system.

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