Perimeter Intrution Detection Systems

Perimeter Intrution Detection Systems

Khula Information Systems are specialists in designing and installation of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) for reliable electronic detection of hostile activity along the site boundary.


We offer various perimeter detections systems from copper based systems to fibre optic systems, providing you peace of mind through better security. 

What is a Perimeter Security System and why do you need one?

A perimeter security system uses the property boundary barrier and gives the owner a buffer time against intrusions by having it placed away from the main building outline or footprint. Having a fence with a sensor cable marks your perimeter and offers a clearly defined boundary and acts as the first line of defence and detection against intrusions. Perimeter security isn’t just about protecting the building on the property. It also addresses the areas outside of the facility such as the garage, parking lot, landscaping, loading docks, and outdoor equipment

Our PIDS are designed around well established principles carefully chosen to ensure maximum detection performance with a low false alarm rate.
The cable is designed to ensure that the mechanical characteristics of the sensor cable closely match that of the range of fences it is designed to protect, ensuring optimum performance.

Detect and Stop Intruders at Your Fence Line

The cable detects mechanical vibrations that are generated as a result of hostile activity such as: cutting, climbing, lifting, or jumping off of the fence. A single line of the cable in the middle of the fence will detect the whole height of the fence up which can be up to 3m.

Benefits of having a Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

The Perimeter Detection System is:

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Perimeter Intrution Detection Systems

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