Khula Information Systems has an all-encompassing solution that focuses on four critical components in warehousing and distribution centres. This solution not only improves safety with its top-notch security solution, but also helps improve operational efficiency through adapting Artificial Intelligence powered cameras. We aim to build a more secure environment. Loss prevention and efficient operations are the two main concerns at any warehouse. How can staff react quickly when there is a missing stock or damaged goods? Is there a way to trace each step in the process and pinpoint where the problem took place?

Personnel Management

Protect Visitors and Staff While Preventing Property Loss.

Hard Hat Detection

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment – protective wear that ensures worker safety. Hikvision now offers intelligent detection of helmets or other PPE. For example, the embedded hard hat detection can notify relevant personnel if a worker is found not wearing one where required. This helps to improve the safety level without requiring extra manpower to oversee.

Attendance and Clocking Solutions

Face recognition terminals now make access authentication accurate, efficient, hygienic, and impossible to counterfeit.

Quick and easy movement throughout the warehouse.

Forklifts and other equipment constantly pass from one zone to another. Face recognition technologies offer a smooth and convenient way to access various areas, for example, through a roller shutter door, without having to have workers get down from the cart.

Vehicle Management

Warehouse Dock Management

Warehouse Dock Management

Many dock platforms face various challenges, such as how to best arrange the entire workflow from truck entry to cargo pickup, how to allocate resources so that dock platforms are operating efficiently, and delivering more. We can offer a digital dock platform, all of these questions are conveniently solved through an automated workflow.

Visual Display of the Platform Status in Real Time

Platform Status Indicator Each colour represents a platform status.

View operation status remotely click the platform icon on the canvas to play back videos on that platform

On-Site Driving Regulations and Management

As most of the daily routines within a warehouse distribution centre are completed using vehicles, it is important to ensure road safety within the area. We offer tools for:

Khula Information Systems offers convenient and efficient entrance and exit control for industrial parks and warehouse distribution centres with or without a security booth at the gate. Pre-registered vehicles can pass efficiently via automatic licence plate recognition. Visitor vehicles can also conveniently log in at a security booth or remotely using a video intercom device.

Site Management

Perimeter Protection When dealing with large areas that suffer from low light, using a thermal camera can provide clear video – even in zero light environments. For areas that require higher-level security protection, the combination of radar and dome camera brings both accurate radar and clear visuals together. The link between the two – radar accuracy and dome camera clarity – allows you to easily track any suspicious movement
For even more secure environments we can offer cable based perimeter detection. A cable is attached to the fence. With a fibre optic system one can detect intrusions down to a 1 metre resolution.

Goods Management

Merchandise Flow Across Multiple Sites

In businesses with Multiple warehouses on a single site, one can quickly clarify who is responsible for losses or damages.

Goods Flow in one Warehouse

With expensive or fragile merchandise, warehouse owners need to clarify responsible parties and procedures in each part of the process.

Warehouse Fire Prevention

With thermal cameras and smoke detectors, Khula Information Systems offers a pre-emptive solution that helps to identify potential risks before disaster, making fire prevention smarter and more effective.
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